• Parry Hedima

Coming Soon: Letter of Authority processes

Part 91 operators would soon have a streamlined access to obtaining Letters of Authorization (LOAs) as the result of recommendations of a working group of FAA and industry representatives as it has been reported that procedures has been varying from FAA offices and inspectors over several years. This complication often resulted in a vendor’s aircraft manual or training course to be reviewed hundreds of times by different FAA offices after having already been accepted through the agency’s oversight and certification of training centers and manufacturers causing significant delays due to inconsistent and duplicative processes especially for newly designed aircrafts, resulting in these aircrafts being inoperable by design for weeks or months until LOA issuance requirements are met often from lack of certain paperwork required by various FAA offices and Inspectors.

The working group had their activities reinforced from the FAA Reauthorisation Bill of 2018 to reduce costs associated and unnecessary delays. Also, the working group also identified and recommended processes for Aircraft capabilities, pilot training and Operating procedures.

Subsequently, the FAA is also testing a streamlined process to include applicants guidebooks and procedures which will establish the expectations of the operators and the Agency for better compliance, safety and consistency.

The Agency as well as the working group views this as an industry challenge and is hopeful to provide a relief to the compliance standards by early 2022.

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