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Nigerian Food blockade

Nigerian food blockade - Parnda Hedima
Nigerian Food Blockage - Jebba

The current food blockade in Nigeria shouldn't just be accepted as sentimental, neither should it be taken as a North or South issue nor Hausa-Fulani propaganda strategy. Nigerians are quick to pint fingers at fellow people without looking at causes and effects. It is proper that we channel the energy in the right direction to achieve the optimum solution in crisis like this.

Historically, taxation of the people and the common man without representation always leads to strikes, mutiny and in some cases civil revolution, except where religion plays a key role in the society, with Government as its custodian which isn't the case in Nigeria as it is an Independent Democratic Nation.

The current political scenario Nigeria allows for Government to impose tax and fines on Civil unions (Farmers, Road & Transport workers, University Staff etc) without them having any representation in the National Assembly. The government constantly exercises its power to increase taxation, regulation of currency and trade which all fall on the people who are also taxed by Civil Unions to compensate for Government inadequacies. Increased taxation and fines without implementation of policies in which the taxes are to finance makes the people to believe that no effort or contribution to society makes them free of Government imposed regulations, which in turn leads to lack of purpose in society which leads to crime, militancy, uprisings, strikes etc which is prone to occur in a democratic setting where free-speech is suppressed.

Furthermore, the negligence of the judicial system make rulings according to the Laws imposed upon the people, reduces the peoples trust in the Government which leads to devaluation of currencies trade requires Government legal tenders for the settlement of debts public and privately. This dampens the solutions of the private sector to to act it accordance to Rule of Law.

THE NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT HAS IS EATING ITS CAKE AND HAVING IT which is the reason why the currency, would never go up in value. Government makes mistakes and then tax entities (Organisations, persons & Unions) compensate for it. We know the solutions to our problems, we just don't implement it.

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