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FAA Notice

AIRCRAFT OWNERS – I Did It and You Should Too! Notice Number: NOTC2262

If you own an aircraft and have been asked to participate in the 2021 FAA’s General Aviation Survey, disseminated through Tetra Tech, please take the time to complete the survey to help improve the General Aviation (GA) community. It has now been sent out, so be sure to check your mailbox and email for the FAA 2021 GA Survey.


And if you like data, you can see the prior years here:


The data is very important to the industry, maybe even more so than the Federal Aviation Administration. We all need to look out the future of the GA industry and community, and this data is used by so many aviation associations and companies to understand the direction, focus and statistics of all different parts of GA flying. The more owners that participate, the better the data and much more so for those portions of aviation that have smaller presence in the GA community. So if you operate those aircraft that the “typical” pilot may not know how fun they are; such as experimental, lighter than air, gliders, weight shift and powered parachute and more, please take the time to participate. These and some other types are not surveyed at 100% (see below), so it is so important that everyone invited to participate does so. It is essential to helping us all develop accurate safety statistics, and in turn to help you understand how to be a safer pilot.

Our participation here in the United States is very good, probably making other parts of the world envious, but it also can be better. If you are like me, you belong to various aviation organizations and want to support them the best that you can. Make sure they know and understand the amount and type of flying that their members are doing. The survey is one of the best ways.

Details you might need to gather for the survey that may require a little research (for the particular N#):

  • # hours flown in 2021

  • Airframe total time

  • Number of landings in 2021

  • Percentage of hours flown in various activities (Pleasure/Recreational, Business, Proficiency etc)

  • Types of communication, navigation equipment, ELT, transponders and ADS-B systems

  • Percentage of hours on Flight Plans, IFR/VFR and none.

The following aircraft were sampled (not response rate) at 100 percent in CY 2020:

  • 100 percent sample of turbine aircraft (turboprops and turbojets)

  • 100 percent sample of rotorcraft

  • 100 percent sample of special light-sport aircraft

  • 100 percent sample of aircraft operating on-demand Part 135

  • 100 percent sample of aircraft registered in Alaska

  • 100 percent sample of aircraft manufactured within the past five years (since 2016 inclusive).

FMI: Stephen K. Brown Boston FSDO FPM Stephen.K.Brown@FAA.gov 781-238-7536


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